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     This is an interior town, lying northeast of the center of the county.  It contains a total area of 25,890 acres, of which 16,831 are improved, and in 1875 had a population of 1385.  The surface forms a portion of the elevated table-land which divides the waters of the Allegany River from those of Cattaraugus Creek.  Near the residence of CHESTER ASHCRAFT, ESQ., are two springs, separated by a distance of only about 30 feet, but the waters of one flow north to the St. Lawrence, while those of the other start on their way to the Mississippi.  Lime Lake, in the northeast part, 1100 feet above Lake Erie, covers an expanse of about 500 acres.  It receives its name from the fact that deposits of shell lime are to be found in its bottom.  Its waters are discharged north into Cattaraugus Creek, the outlet affording fine water-power privileges.  Ischua Creek flows south, through the eastern part, into the Allegany River.

     The soil is a clay and gravelly loam, of good quality, and well adapted to grazing, stock-raising, and he cultivation of the cereals.  Stock-raising and the manufacture of cheese occupies the attention of the farming classes.

     The cheese-factories controlled by MESSRS. NEFF & GAMPP, WILLIAM HOWDEN and JOHN HOLDEN, comprising seven different establishments use the milk of about 2200 cows, and manufacture over 500,000 pounds of cheese yearly.  This branch of industry has grown up since 1866, when R. and W. FOLLETT established the first cheese-factory, at a point about one mile west of Machias Village.

*The above information was obtained from the History of Cattaraugus County, New York by L. H. EVERTS, 1879.

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